Learning to Read

Series:I Can Read Level 2

Paleontologist Charlotte Lewis Browns easy-to-read and fascinating descriptions of these ancient animals are brought to life in Phil Wilsons detailed illustrations in this follow-up to "The Day the Dinosaurs Died." Full color.

Mammoths and Fossil Mammals: After The Dinosaurs (I Can Read level 2)
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Shark tooth

My Fossil Collection
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Fossils are the preserved remains of plants or animals. For such remains to be considered fossils, scientists have decided they have to be over 10,000 years old. There are two main types of fossils, body fossils and trace fossils. Body fossils are the preser... read more

Genuine Fossils in Magnifier Box
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Play like a paleontologist and learn the science of fossils. Mould and make fossil replicas of prehistoric animals. Build an amazing model of a T-Rex skull. Excavate fossilized shark teeth and make a cool necklace. Everything you build glow... read more

Glow Fossil Science (Kidz Labs)
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Did you know there was once a beaver that was two metres long? That the elephant-bird really did exist? And that the dodo once had a life beyond the pages of Alice in Wonderland? Have you heard of the megatherium, the glyptodon or the tratratratra? Through legen... read more

Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals
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 Colouring & Sticker Books

Series:Sticker Activity

This title features an action-packed sticker activity book full of fun facts and games about fossils. Packed with over 250 easy-peel, re-usable full-colour stickers, Sticker Activity Fantastic Fossils takes you around the world to unearth the weird and wonderful creatures of the past. This sticker boo... read more


Fantastic Fossils (Sticker Activity)
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The Rock and Gem Book is packed full of photos of natural wonders, including rocks, minerals, gems, shells and fossils. This children's encyclopedia displays more than 1,200 full-colour specimens, from sapphires and rubies to silver and ... read more


The Rock & Gem Book: And Other Treasures of the Natural World
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From glittering gemstones to fascinating minerals and fossils, this incredible reference book is a stunning celebration of the Earth's buried treasures. Innovative, specially commissioned photography captures the essence an... read more

Rock and Gem : The Definitve Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils
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