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 NZ Senior Fiction

Series:Banquo Trilogy

Birthright is the heart-stopping conclusion to T. K. Roxborogh's epic Banquo's Son series. Fleance, King of Scotland, has made a political marriage to Rachel, the sister of dead King Duncan. It may seem that happiness is not far around the corner with a royal baby... read more

Fleance, King of Scotland, has made a political marriage to Rachel, the sister of dead King Duncan. Although a royal baby is expected, happiness eludes them as the realm is far from peaceful. The young king and queen must dodge daggers in hallways and hold together a nation swept by a savage rebellion and a mysterious illness.

Birthright (Banquo Trilogy #3)
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 Short Stories/Plays

Following the success of Fifteen-Minute Shakespeare (three tragedies), Tania Kelly Roxborogh has selected and abridged three of Shakespeare's most popular comedies -Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing - for classroom performance. Th... read more

Twenty-Minute Shakespeare
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 Educational Books

This new edition has a new design, new colour scheme and cover. It contains eight pages of extra practice activities added to give students more opportunity to cement the terms learnt. These can be used as homework, or revision later in the year.

English Basics 2nd Edition
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Kids Behaving Bravely gives helpful guidance in the tough job of raising children in a challenging and ever-changing world. Life is full of hurdles and a parent's core goal should be to instil in their children a sense of inner resilience. A resilient child is an emotionally healthy child, equipped to ... read more

Kids Behaving Bravely: Raising a Resilient Child
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 NZ Middle Fiction

Series:My New Zealand Story
Awards:Esther Glen Award Junior Fiction - NZ Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2017

Erica Tito had the perfect summer holiday planned. Then her father decided the whole family would pack up and join the protesters at Bastion Point in Auckland. No way! Instead of spending dreamy summer days training Silver, her horse, Erica a... read more


Bastion Point: 507 Days on Takaparawha (My NZ Story)
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