Launch: Ash Arising by Mandy Hager - June 12th 2018

We were delighted to host the launch of Mandy Hager's Ash Arising, the sequel to The Nature of Ash. Her brother Nicky Hager launched the book and Mandy gave us a reading - what an awesome book!



Concert: Deano Yipadee and Paul Beavis In-Store - November 24th 2017


Deano Yipadee and Paul Beavis are mad as hatters, so naturally they had the crowd of kids under their spell while they performed the songs from their awesome books Nee-NawStinkosaurus and Jingle Bells, Rudolph Smells. It was a brilliant concert - hopefully we'll have them in again one day!


Book Signing: Stacy Gregg - November 23rd 2017

Dreams came true for Stacy Gregg fans when she visited the store to sign some books and have some yarns with her readers - we love her!



Launch: The Gift Horse by Sophie Siers - November 21st 2017

Sophie Siers has been busy - the launch of her book The Gift Horse also gave us a chance to celebrate the three other books she has published with Millwood Press this year: Do You Want to Gallop With Me?Rosie Joy: Here, There and Everywhere and Arlo and the Ginkgo Tree.


The Gift Horse is a beautiful book that describes one girl's struggle to cope with the loss of her mother. It was a real pleasure to have Heather Henare from Skylight give a speech at the launch.


Launch: Explore! Aotearoa by Bronwen Wall - November 1st 2017

We had a blast from the past at the launch of Explore! Aotearoa by Bronwen Wall, with illustrations by Kimberly Andrews - we had biscuits and scroggin and drank tea out of enamel cups like early 20th century mountaineers.

The costumes were outstanding! Bronwen was Freda du Faur, the first woman to climb Aoraki / Mount Cook; Jonathan Kennett was mountaineer (and friend of Freda) Peter Graham; Paul Kennett was Thomas Brunner, an English land surveyor who explored much of the rugged West Coast of the South Island with Hone Mokehakeha as his guide; Simon Kennett was Kieran McKay, a caver who is still exploring Aotearoa's depths today; and Dean Johansson was the celebrated diver Kelly Tarlton.



Bookshop Day - October 28th 2017 (and October 29th)

For Bookshop Day we had a special storytime with a bunch of Wellington authors and illustators, and not one but two book launches - causing our celebrations to spill over on to the Sunday!


Suzanne Main's How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot was launched by Labour MP for Rongotai, Paul Eagle. We loved hearing Zac read a passage from the book!


Bright and early the next morning we had Paul Schrader of Nikau Cafe launching Jenny Bornholdt's and Sarah Wilkins' new picture book, The Longest Breakfast. We all had a picnic of toast and honey (toot and bzz) outside while Jenny read to us.

As part of the leadup to Bookshop Day, customers were invited to write love letters to their favourite bookshops. Here are some of the letters we received - they all warmed the cockles of our hearts!


Our 25th Birthday Party - September 2nd 2017

Birthday Cake 

We celebrated the shop's 25th birthday with cake, special storytime sessions with Wellington authors and illustrators, and goodie bags for every family. Pictured above is our gorgeous cake and some hungry kids lining up for a slice.

In the morning storytime session, Paul Beavis read Mrs Mo's Monster and What Are You Supposed to Be? and Kate Wilkinson read Finding Monkey Moon and We're Off To Find a Kiwi to a delighted crowd. Then Moira Wairama captivated her audience with an oral version of the myth in her book, The Taniwha of Wellington Harbour.



For the afternoon storytime session we had Sacha Cotter and Josh Morgan bring Keys and The Marble Maker to life with some amazing props and costumes, and Ruth Paul and Fifi Colston had the crowd in hysterics with their dinosaur puppets for Stomp!


Our goodie bags were filled with amazing treats from all our favourite publishers, and we ran out just as the big day came to a close.


It was an absolutely super day! Thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate with us.



Book Signing: Liz Pichon - May 11th 2016

Top of the Class (Nearly) (Tom Gates #9) Liz Pichon

The talented and stylish author of the mega-popular Tom Gates series, Liz Pichon, paid us a flying visit on Wednesday, May 11th to meet her fans and sign copies of her books. Liz is in New Zealand for the Auckland Writers' Festival but managed to find time for quick visits to Wellington and Christchurch.

Tom Gates Event Tom Gates

Here she is signing copies of her books, meeting a real-life Tom Gates and posing by a bookstand of her colourful books. We love the shoes - designed by Liz herself!

Tom Gates Event Tom Gates Event

The 10th Tom Gates story, Super Good Skills (Almost) is due out in June.


Book Signing: Andy Griffiths - Oct 1st 2015

Author of the Treehouse Series and Just! Books

Andy Griffiths

Photo Credit: Kris Reichl

Andy Signing Andy Signing

Andy Griffiths' visit was a huge success, with the queue stretching around the shop, out the door and down the mall to Rongotai Road!

Andy spent 2-1/2 hours signing copies of his books, chatting to his fans and posing for photos.

Andy Queue Inside Andy Queue Outside


Launch: Finding Monkey Moon by Elizabeth Pulford and Kate Wilkinson - July 15th 2015

Finding Monkey Moon Finding Monkey Moon Launch

We celebrated the launch of Finding Monkey Moon, written by Elizabeth Pulford and illustrated by Kate Wilkinson, on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015. About 100 of Kate's friends and family joined in the festivities for her first published book, a gorgeous story about Dad and Michael going on a Monkey Moon hunt at the park after they discover that the precious bedtime companion is missing.

The photos show Kate reading an extract, signing copies of her book and also pictured with her literary agent Frances Plumpton and John and Ruth. Photos by Robyn Jane Photography.

Finding Monkey Moon Launch Finding Monkey Moon Launch Finding Monkey Moon Launch

Finding Monkey Moon Launch Finding Monkey Moon Launch

Photos by Robyn Jane Photography 0211182646 


Book Signing: Dav Pilkey - May 19th

Creator of Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot

Pilkey Poster Dav Pilkey Book Signing 

About 200 excited Captain Underpants fans turned up for Dav Pilkey's in-store book signing on May 19th.
Dav has sold over 70 Million copies of his Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta books worldwide.
Dav chatted with the kids while he signed and drew illustrations in their books and happily posed for photos.

Dav Pilkey Signing Liam's Signed Book


Stacy Gregg returns to The Children's Bookshop

Stacy Gregg meets fans at The Children's Bookshop 

Stacy Gregg, whose novel about a young Princess Haya of Jordan, The Princess and the Foal, is pictured here with some of her avid fans during her book tour to promote her new novel, The Island of Lost Horses.

The Princess and the Foal was shortlisted in the junior fiction category of the 2014 NZ Post Children's Book Awards. The Island of Lost Horses also focuses on a true story, the mystery of how a group of Abaco Barb horses got to an uninhabited Caribbean island.


Launch: Twisty Tales

Twisty Tales book launch

Book launch for Twisty Christmas Tales - an anthology wriitten by a range of New Zealand authors, and published by Phantom Feather Press. Pictured are illustrator Geoff Popham with co-publisher Eileen Mueller.

Contributors - Shelley Chappell , Michelle Child, William Cook, Debbie Cowens, Joy Cowley, Denise Cush, Marion Day, Simon Fogarty, Dave Freer, Peter Friend, Jan Goldie, David Hill, Tim Jones, Charlotte Kieft, Lyn McConchie, Eileen Mueller, Jeena Murphy, Lee Murray, Robyn P, Murray, Lorraine Orman, A.J. Ponder, D.M. Potter, Dan Rabarts, Darian Smith, Kerrie Anne Spicer, Anne Wilkins, Sophie Yorkston.


Launch: Ethan the Incredible by Jacqui Simpson

Author Jacqui Simpson signs books Illustrator Philip Webb signs books

Written by Jacqui Simpson, signing above, and illustrated by Philip Webb, also signing above, Ethan the Incredible is the story of a brave boy who battles dragons and saves princesses.

Dedicated to Ethan Wyman of the Kapiti Coast, a 10-year-old who dreamed of working at Weta Workshop but died several years ago of a brain tumour, the book was launched by his father Damon.


Launch: Māori Art for Kids by Norm Heke and Julie Noanoa

Norm Heke Julia Noanoa


There was a fantastic turnout for the book launch for Māori Art for Kids in early November 2014. The author/illustrator team of Norm Heke and Julie Noanoa, above, spoke about the origins of the book, while Paora Tibble (below left), from Te Papa, launched it and Pauline Esposito, national sales manager of Craig Potton Publishing, described how it took the publishing team just two minutes to decide to publish the book.

Māori Art for Kids comprises 15 fabulous art activities for kids to do, based on the 15 featured contemporary artists and their works.     




Mr Awesome returns: Derek Landy Book Event

Derek Landy takes a selfie with a fan dressed as Skulduggery Pleasant

Derek Landy, author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, visited Wellington on October 3rd, 2014, and captivated his audience with a one-hour talk filled with the humour that makes his books so popular. He answered questions and signed books for two hours after the talk, chatting and joking with each of his fans. Several fans came in impressive costumes, and we had prizes for some of them, plus giveaway bags to take home. Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Save the Children Fund.

Derek Landy with a fan dressed as Tanith Low Derek Landy meeting fans

Derek Landy meets the Wellington Sanctuary fans Fans dressed up as Skulduggery Pleasant characters for the event


Jacqueline Harvey in Wellington

 Jacqeline Harvey meets fans in our store

Jacqueline Harvey, author of the Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose books, visited Wellington on September 3rd, 2014, and wowed her school audiences with a lively talk about writing and her life in Australia. She also met fans and signed copies of her books at The Children's Bookshop after school. 


 Jacqueline Harvey gives a talk