Here are just some of the new releases that will be coming in soon!

New in June

What are You Supposed to be Cover Image Kiwi Year Cover Image Birthday Invitation Cover Image

 Dinosaur Trouble 2 Cover Image Miniwings 1 Cover Image Fairy Detective Agency 5 Cover Image Polly and Buster 1 Cover Image Dotty Detective 1 Cover Image

 World's Worst Children 2 Cover Image 928 Miles From Home Cover Image Uncommoners 2 Cover Image Skulduggery Pleasant 10 Cover Image Alex Rider 11 Cover Image

 Living on Hope Street Cover Image Possible Cover Image My Life as a Hashtag Cover Image Pieces of You Cover Image


Due in July

Diggersaurs Cover Image What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday Cover Image Treasure of Pirate Frank Cover Image

Sloth Who came to Stay Cover Image Putangitangi Walks Cover Image Very Sleepy Bear Cover Image

D-Bot Squad 1 Cover Image Team Hero 1 Cover Image Funny Kid for President Cover Image Charlie 2 Cover Image

Chase Cover Image Serafina 3 Cover Image Last Duchess Cover Image York 1 Cover Image

Young Bond 4 Cover Image Where the World Ends Cover Image Juniper Lemon Cover Image Pearl Thief Cover Image

Around the World in Numbers Cover Image Food Like Mine Cover Image WWE Book of Top 10s Cover Image